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Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas

All Meetings to be held at 4:30 p.m. except the December* meeting, which will be held at noon.

Meeting subject to change by mutual agreement of the Troy Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners.

2019 THA Board Meeting Schedule

January 17, 2019Martin Luther Ming ApartmentsAgendaMinutes
February 21, 2019Kane ApartmentsAgendaMinutes
April 4, 2019Taylor ApartmentsAgendaMinutes
May 16, 2019Griswold HeightsAgendaMinutes
June 27, 2019 Kennedy TowersAgendaMinutes
August 8, 2019Fallon ApartmentsAgendaMinutes
September 19, 2019Conway CourtAgendaMinutes
October 24, 2019Corliss ParkAgendaMinutes
December 12, 2019Martin Luther King ApartmentsAgendaMiniutes